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Anyone wishing to subscribe to this blog will have to send a message through the comments section and the administrator of the site will then act on the request. No self subscribing anymore, unfortunately. Security issues. We’ve been stung! But, as with a honeybee sting, no damage has been done. (I hope)


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More Hacking

I Have deleted many subscribers who have not left a brief intro when subscribing, and those with suspicious looking contact. If any serious beekeeping enthusiasts have been eliminated I apologize, but we have received more dire messages about attacks on the site. What do they want? Honey?

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attempt to hack our site!

I was notified that hackers are attacking the site. I have secured it again, it is fine, but new subscribers, please send a note identifying yourselves, a hello note, so I know you are good people! Thanks,
We have many new subscribers all the time.


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Beekeeping for the Future: Fall Workshop

November 16, sign up soon!

Our fall workshop is oriented to people who want to get started with bees next spring, but also covers topic of interest to all beekeepers, including varroa control and increasing the apiary with splits and swarms.
–Bill Day

A full description, and online registration, here:



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Lots of new subscribers!

We are happy to see many new subscribers signing up almost daily. To those subscribing, please drop a line letting us know something about you. If you wish to become a registered member and add to the blog that is possible.

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Beekeeping for the Future

Megan Durney
Bill Day
November 16, 9:00am-5:00pm


If you are thinking about getting honeybees next spring, now is the time to prepare. This one-day workshop will address all the questions aspiring beekeepers need to ask as they prepare to embark on this spiritual yet profoundly nature-bound journey. Beekeepers with one or two years’ experience will also find this workshop a useful opportunity to take stock of their experiences to date, ask questions, and share insights.

The workshop will be organized around the yearly life cycle of the hive, and the beekeeper’s essential role in nurturing the hive organism. What can the beekeeper do to create conditions in which the bees can thrive? What are the most up-to-date natural and holistic methods, and how do they work?

Other topics covered will include: Equipment, including “alternative” hive designs • where to get bees • siting your hives • gardening to support your bees • beekeeping as a path to heightened powers of observation and awareness • the biology of the hive organism and the beekeeper’s role in fostering healthy hives • and much more.

Weather permitting, the day will include a visit to the Pfeiffer Center’s apiary, where we will open some hives and demonstrate techniques for working with bees.



Megan Durney is Head Gardener and principal beekeeper at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Bill Day first learned beekeeping from Gunther Hauk at the Pfeiffer Center. He keeps bees at Blue Field Farm in Blauvelt, NY.


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new film, check it out

click here: More Than Honey

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swarm catching needed

Hank Feinberg says:
July 15, 2013 at 6:39 am (Edit)
I need someone to capture and remove a hive of bees located in the trunk of my car in Chestnut Ridge NY

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wax moth trap


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how to make a quilt for any hive


this could be adapted to any hive design,  good basic principle of moisture removing quilt.

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