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Sponge feeder

Look at this feeder- I’m going to try one! Click  to see full instructions

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Picked up nucs from White Oaks Saturday

Our top bar nucs from White Oaks are very strong so far and building up quickly. They seem great so far. Will keep you posted.

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Yellow jackets near hive

Question: I have yellowjackets in a wall very near (3-4 feet) my hive. I haven’t seen them going into the hive, and they are very few, but does anyone suggest a plan of action? I don’t want to spray into … Continue reading

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Swarm catching

Those who would like to be added to the list for catching swarms, send your full name, phone number, and area you operate in. When someone needs help they like to get in touch on a hurry.

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Catching Swarms

“ I was wondering if there has ever been discussion of putting together a listing of local beekeepers willing to remove swarms and posting in website. I would be interested to  be listed as a person interested. “ Peter This is … Continue reading

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Recovery zones elsewhere

Christian Science Monitor article Reuters article Some background on the concept of Insect Recovery Zones

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Friday, Ross Conrad

Don’t forget!

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Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association to feature Ross Conrad

On October 19

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You may subscribe

As this blog is updated intermittently, I have added a feature which notifies members when a new post is published. You may easily unsubscribe or subscribe to these announcements. There is a form in the sidebar which allows anyone to … Continue reading

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Beekeeping for the Future at Pfeiffer Center

November 10, 9:00am-5:00pm If you are thinking about getting honeybees next spring, now is the time to prepare. This one-day workshop will address all the questions aspiring beekeepers need to ask as they prepare to embark on this spiritual yet … Continue reading

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