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Sponge feeder

Look at this feeder- I’m going to try one! Click  to see full instructions

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Picked up nucs from White Oaks Saturday

Our top bar nucs from White Oaks are very strong so far and building up quickly. They seem great so far. Will keep you posted.

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Catching Swarms

“ I was wondering if there has ever been discussion of putting together a listing of local beekeepers willing to remove swarms and posting in website. I would be interested to  be listed as a person interested. “ Peter This is … Continue reading

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Backwards Beekeepers   Meeting in Brooklyn, August 18

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same long traveled group

Moving along, Mother”s Day! This is Valeriana”s hive, sisters to those below. Happy Mother”s day to all queen bees!

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5 days on the road

The bees who took the slow boat to Rockland are settling in after one week Php Aide and seem to be gaining vitality as the sun shines. Bulging  pollen baskets coming in, lots of buzz at the entrance, so far … Continue reading

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possible hive idea?

could this type of steamer be converted to a Warre-type downward building beehive?

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