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  1. Kelly O'Hanlon says:

    I have a beehive that I don’t want to destroy can someone pick it up
    Thank you.
    Kelly ohanlon

  2. Mary says:

    I have a cone-shaped hive made by some type of black bees under the overhang of my garage door area. Is there anyone in your organization who would be interested in removing it safely?
    Thanks very much.

    • Worker says:

      Unless they are honeybees, which sounds quite unlikeley from your description, probably not. When did they arrive? Is it a swarm, or a paper wasp nest?

      If it is not honey bees, call someone like an exterminator, I guess. You can see plenty of photos of honeybees on this site.

  3. Anna Nikolina says:

    Are there any beekeepers or honey producers in Rockland County or nearby looking for assistance in the summer harvest? I am an experienced beekeeper/honey producer from Russia who will be visiting New York this summer and am very interested in looking for work.

    A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    Anna Nikolina

  4. Debra Leigh says:


    My husband and I are interested in taking a class on beekeeping. Do you know where one might be offered in Rockland County?


  5. Michael says:

    I am interested in learning more about beekeeping. I am on Long Island for now.

    Any information or advice or classes or ideas are welcome!!

  6. Dana Harkrider says:

    Hello. I’m wondering if and when the Rockland Beekeepers have meetings? I’d heard that you have meetings the first Monday of the month in the West Nyack library but I haven’t found any confirmation of this. My friend and I are going to begin beekeeping in the spring and we’d love to come to some meetings for help/advice. Let me know.


  7. donna says:

    hi do you have meetings or programs?

  8. Brian O. says:

    Are there any classes planned for this fall? 2013. Thank you.

  9. Debbie says:

    Thank-you, Eve.

  10. Debbie says:

    I have ground bees. It has been suggested that a beekeeper may be interested in coming for the bees, since there is a bee shortage.
    Is that something you would be able to do?


    • Eve says:

      I don’t know what you mean by “ground bees”. If you mean yellow jackets, no. We are interested in honeybees. Honey bees do not live in the ground, bumble bees do, though. I doubt any of the beekeepers would be interested in moving bumble bees, however. They will not hurt you. Yellow jackeys could, though. Whty don’t you find out more about what type of bees or wasps you have there?

  11. Michael Kuhling says:

    I got a call recently from Tracy, an organizer of Earth Day Nyack in Memorial Park April 21 from 12 to 5:00. She is looking for someone to do a bee table at the event. Anyone interested, please contact Tracy at 646-510-3098, or

    Also I have a bunch of pollen patties that I am not going to use. Does anyone want them? Free.

    And, I need two NUCs. Any suggestions about where I might find them? My usual sources are sold out.

  12. sophia says:

    When is the next meeting in Rockland. Also has anyone any info of tax credit for having an apiary.

  13. Great to see the site up & running… Thnx Eve for all your efforts & hard work… Long live the Bee!!

  14. Eve says:

    There is a class listed in Rockland for November 10.

  15. peter T Smith says:

    need class info westchester,ny

  16. peter T Smith says:

    would like info for any classes in westchester

  17. Eve says:

    Yes, we still exist. The site was hacked this summer and was down for a while. Next meeting Monday October1, West Nyack Libary, 7:30.

  18. Beverly says:

    Does the Rockland County Beekeepers Association
    still exist? I see no new posts, etc., and was unable
    to contact as ‘click to email’ doesn’t work.

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