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Anyone wishing to subscribe to this blog will have to send a message through the comments section and the administrator of the site will then act on the request. No self subscribing anymore, unfortunately. Security issues. We’ve been stung! But, as with a honeybee sting, no damage has been done. (I hope)


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3 Responses to New Subscribers

  1. evelyn preuss says:

    we are a homeschooling family who would like to start keeping bees. the children went to a beekeeping event at wavehill last year, and decided they had to do this; and for me, it is an effort to bring a bit of my world into theirs. — we got a hive and set up traps to catch a local swarm. but if anyone has rescued a swarm they have no home for, we’d gladly take it!

  2. Shaiya Baer says:

    I live at the Fellowship in Chestnut Ridge. I am bringing two hives to the Fellowship which hasn’t had hives for sometime. I want to be a subscriber to this blog and the Rockland Beekeeper Association

  3. John Snyder says:

    Sorry you’re having these security issues. Why do people bother to do this? Please keep me aboard. I’m just starting Beekeeping and can use all the help I can get.

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