Vanderbilt Workshop April 23rd- save the date!!

On Tuesday, April 23rd, the Clarkstown Town Board is holding a public workshop to allow concerned citizens to suggest alternative strategies for the nine acre Traphagen parcel on Germonds Road in West Nyack. A number of board members are keen to sell the property, most likely to a developer, to recoup some of the $900,000.00 the town paid for it. The second oldest Dutch colonial, b.1720, and an 1820 wooden frame farmhouse are threatened by this action.
The Rockland County Beekeepers Assoc. will present a plan to create an ecology awareness center on the land with plantings and education programs for Rockland”s residents and school children. An insect Recovery Zone is the Beekeeper Assoc.”s main focus. Other proposals are more than welcome.


The last meeting on the two properties went well and it is showing signs of promise. The latest is keeping both properties in tact. Using the Traphagen house for functions and the Budke house for a single use one exhibit musuem. Mr Cropsey has come up with at least 30 people to attend the workshop meeting to support the idea of a community garden. I spoke with him and he felt that bringing your group along would also be a great asset to the overall use of the property. Trails and possible nature walks as well as cross country use for the schools was also an option. Jim Palmer was speaking with the schools on that. Heritage will speak on keeping the property together and using the building much like the Congers Train Station. Joel found a sandstone preservationist who has a history of restoring these buildings and will add to that. Claire Sheridan has written a well thought out letter with all of our suggestions for use on the property. All and all its good. Each person read their presentation at the Workshop meeting in April, and fill the room with interested people in the community who support the efforts.

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  1. Eve says:

    This is an exciting opportunity to work together to make a positive improvement in the local honeybee environment, and also to make a meaningful improvement for the humans in Rockland. Hope we can all take part in our own way!

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