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I am a bee keeper in Minnesota and I was interested to see White Oak offering “cold hardy” Queens and Nucs.So, I purchased 5 nucs and shipping charges of over $900 in February, the nucs were to ship on June 14th, but NO NUCS.Worse, I get no reply from e mail or repeated phone calls. Now their phone says the mailbox is full and no messages are being taken. I am worried this is a rip off and after reading many other complaints, I am very concerned about this. Very bad Bee Karma!!
Does anyone know IF White Oak is out of business or if this is their style of business???? Help????


Hi Peter,
I was at White Oaks Saturday June 14 and picked up 2 very healthy top bar nucs.
They were working as fast as they could (Lots of people picking up) and the farmer, Mike, seems like a steady honest guy. My nuc has expanded very rapidly and seems healthy, very gentle yellow bees. There are small hive beetle larvae on the  bottom board, (not a lot) I have been wiping out what I can. As I have my hive on a roof where the beetle will not be able to burrow in, I hope it will die away and not complete the life cycle here.
I have only seen 3 mites in the 10 days I’ve had this nuc.

I know he had all the paperwork there, but I heard him discussing an order that someone had taken by phone, a female name, and he said her orders were all screwed up and she had left.
So that could be your problem. It is bad they don’t answer the phone! But they are there, they have bees, the bees are healthy, and they are trying to fulfill all orders. I am certain that if you never get the bees he will refund your money. He is in it for the long run and won’t want to cheat you, in MY opinion.

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